Construction Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance and Quality Control play a very significant role in ensuring quality construction of buildings, roadways, bridges, and other structures. While Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements are incorporated into construction project documents, project specifications often require the contractor to generate a Quality Control Program specific to the project. The Quality Control program is the control document ensuring the quality for the construction of the project, and it identifies quality program planning and commitments. The Quality Control program will contain all aspects necessary to demonstrate that the contractor and subcontractors will provide Quality Control services that comply with contract documents. 

DAB’s QA/QC services include the following:

  • Generation of a customized Quality Control program for the construction project per the terms of project specifications
  • Provide a Quality Control Manager to manage and administer the Quality Control program
  • Provide additional Quality Control inspectors as necessary

DAB Inspection and Consulting Services, LLC., offers a comprehensive Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Program that focuses on testing and inspection services for large-scale construction projects.  We oversee contractors, owner’s interests, and ensure all regulatory requirements are met during construction.  

DAB’s staff has experience providing QA/QC for a multitude of earthwork and landfill construction or closure, including soils, geotextiles, concrete, rebar, structural steel inspection, and coating inspection. Envirotech also offers QA/QC for construction of DOD facilities; educational facilities expansion projects; large commercial construction; and agricultural facilities. 

Our Staff have the qualifications in the following:

  • Drilled-Pier Inspection
  • Tunnel Inspections
  • Footing Inspection and Testing
  • Reinforcing Steel Inspection

DAB, LLC., is known for its ability to deliver high-quality consulting services within given schedule and cost constraints. We strive to complete every project in the most effective and efficient manner, while adhering to both the schedule and budgetary limitations of our clients. Over 90% of our business is generated from repeat clients.

Above all, our commitment to quality is paramount. It is demonstrated on every project, regardless of size or scope. It is our continued adherence to this commitment that results in repeated requests for services from satisfied clients. This commitment is demonstrated through the high profile of staff we maintain; the level of advanced training received by our staff; our commitment to use technologically-advanced equipment; and the level of professional services we routinely provide. Principal engineers closely examine all work for quality control purposes and to ensure client satisfaction.